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Uber and LYFT

Uber and LYFT are drive share companies and although there are others, these are perhaps the two most successful. One of the reasons for their success may have been due to the promotions they offered. If you view lyft first ride free promotions, you will perhaps see why. These promotions offer first time users, the opportunity to ride free and why this seems to have been such a successful promotion is because, once the passenger has taken advantage of the free ride, they are suitably impressed to use the service again. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using one of these services is the convenience as all they need do in order to organize themselves a ride, is enter the pick-up and drop off places into the app and the rest is done for them, no more waiting in the rain trying to hail a taxi. Once the app receives a request for a pick-up, it passes that information onto the company’s drivers via their app on their smartphone. One of the drivers will then volunteer to make the trip, providing a quick and efficient service at any time day or night. The companies have plenty of drivers always available as many drivers want the opportunity the companies offer them, to make extra money in their spare time. Once a driver that possesses a valid driver’s licence and a smartphone with the app, they can apply to be a driver for one of the companies and once they have been accepted, they are free to choose not only what hours they work but also which trips they accept. Whilst enjoying this freedom of choice, the drivers can still make as much as $35 per hour, obviously depending on whether or not they work during the peak periods. Although these drivers can work as few hours as they choose, there are incentives for them to work at least 30 hours or more in any one 30 day period. The incentives are in the form of bonuses of between $50 and $500 depending on exactly how many hours they did work during that period.

Apart from the convenience of just using their smartphone and the app they have downloaded and the fast efficient pick-up, passengers also enjoy another convenience and that is that they need never worry about having either enough or the right money for the fare, as the fare is always paid by debit or credit card information and the app, so get lyft coupons today and enjoy the convenience.

As is usual with most things today, there are some people that are not too happy about the success of the drive share companies and those people are the more traditional taxi drivers that are losing business to these new companies. The taxi have though enjoyed a lack of competition for many years and they made no attempts to improve their standard of service, something that the local authorities are well aware of when asked, by the taxi companies, to look into the legitimacy of the drive share companies.