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Modern Vacuum Cleaners

Today the modern vacuum cleaners are a far cry from the traditional ones which most people are probably familiar with however, they do operate under the same principles but perhaps their largest difference is that the modern vacuum cleaners are in fact a system which has to be installed, unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners which could be bought, taken home and used immediately.

Traditional vacuum cleaners, as you know, consist of a power unit, a hose, a dirt collection receptacle and an assortment of accessories to facility in cleaning a diverse range of surfaces. All of these components though, would have to be moved from one room to another and in many cases, up and down stairs. Although in recent years many varieties of these vacuum cleaners have been made compact and mobile, they still have to be maneuvered by hand around many awkward objects, such as furnishings and stairs.

The newer, central vacuuming systems negate the need for moving the cumbersome cleaners from room to room as the installation provides connections in every room. These connections join to the power unit, which is the heavy part and the dirt receptacle, which has the potential to cause a mess if ruptured, which are located centrally somewhere in the house, often the garage or perhaps a basement. This means that it is only the hose, which is light, and its accompanying accessories which have to be moved up or down stairs and from room to room. The hose connects to the connections which have been installed into a wall in each of the rooms that require vacuuming and so provides a convenience unable to be offered by traditional vacuum cleaners.

As with any products that are introduced to the market, it did not take long for there to be a wide and varied choice of brands of central vacuum systems from which to choose when buying one. It is therefore advisable, especially if buying a central vacuuming system for the first time, to look online at some websites that provide a central vacuum comparison between each of the different brands. These comparisons will show not only the difference in prices of the different brands but will also provide knowledge of the different extra features each different system offers and perhaps the pros and cons of each.

As well as providing convenience, a central vacuuming system also provides the peace of mind of knowing that should a mishap occur with the dirt receptacle, the only part of the house which is at risk of becoming a depository for all the dirt, dust and other filth that the receptacle may have been holding, is the part where the receptacle is located. Hence a popular place for its positioning is in a garage or basement where a mishap would be the least unsightly. The power unit for the vacuum system is often located in the same area as the dirt receptacle as it provides the suction which is also transferred to the connections in each room.